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Baby King Medicine Dropper

This medicine Dropper by Baby King will help you accurately measure your little one's liquid medicin..

₦1,050 Ex Tax: ₦1,050

Baby King Nasal Aspirator

Relief your little one's nasal congestions and make breathing easier for them with this Nasal Aspira..

₦650 Ex Tax: ₦650

Chicco Always Smiling Set

This Always Smiling Set by Chicco contains a Chicco toothbrush that features soft bristles which are..

₦3,650 Ex Tax: ₦3,650

Out of Stock

Chicco Baby Moment Sponge Bath Glove

Keep your little one squeaky clean with this Sponge Bath Glove by Chicco. This ultra absorbent ..

₦2,500 Ex Tax: ₦2,500

Out of Stock

Chicco Banana & Apple Toothpaste - 6 months

This exciting Banana and Apple Toothpaste is infused with Xylitol which helps preventing caviti..

₦1,200 Ex Tax: ₦1,200

Chicco Brush and Comb

The soft bristles on this Brush and Comb set by Chicco will be gentle on your little one's (0 months..

₦1,950 Ex Tax: ₦1,950

Chicco Cold Wind Cream

Chicco Baby Moments Cold Wind Cream is formulated  with cocoa butter that creates a natural pro..

₦1,150 Ex Tax: ₦1,150

Chicco Cotton Buds

Chicco cotton buds are soft and flexible, 100% cotton. Ideal for daily hygiene and grooming. This pa..

₦1,150 Ex Tax: ₦1,150

Chicco Eau De Cologne

Available in a 100ml pack, this Eau de Cologne by Chicco has been scientifically proven to wrap your..

₦2,500 Ex Tax: ₦2,500

Chicco Massage Oil

Your little one's skin is sure to be smooth as a baby's bottom, literally with this Rice bran oil th..

₦2,100 Ex Tax: ₦2,100

Out of Stock

Chicco Nappy Cream

This gentle baby nappy rash cream can be used daily to moisturize your child's skin at every diaper ..

₦1,560 Ex Tax: ₦1,560

Chicco No-tear Shampoo

Gently cleanses fine delicate baby's hair without irritating its eyes. Its no tears formula con..

₦3,120 Ex Tax: ₦3,120

Chicco No-Tears Bath Foam

The formula of the bubble bath baby moments, enriched with extracts of Calendula, known for its emol..

₦3,120 Ex Tax: ₦3,120

Chicco Short Blade Court Scissors

These Short Blade Court Scissors by Chicco are designed to keep the nails of your little, one aged 0..

₦2,250 Ex Tax: ₦2,250

Chicco Soft Cleansing Wipes

This Chicco Soft Cleansing Wipes contains 72 wipes made from Soft non-woven fabric. They are ideal f..

₦1,500 Ex Tax: ₦1,500